Monday, May 24, 2010

Garfield Monument - Lakeview Cemetery

The Garfield Monument is a location which is been Waymarked in multiple categories. It is a grave of a famous person and has a statue of Garfield in the main room of the monument, but it is also contains special works of art. It speaks of a different time in Cleveland.

The statue is surrounded by a series of stained glass windows. There is a window for each of the thirteen original states, plus one for Garfield's home state of Ohio.


The three sides of the entrance are decorated with a frieze depicting scenes from President Garfield's life.

President Garfield as a statesman

The Monument and all of Garfield Cemetery is filled with history. The monument is open daily from April until mid-November. There are at least two more categories of Waymarks that haven't been posted (yet). The President's and his wife's caskets can be visited at a crypt below the monument. A walk to the upper levels will give a super view of the artwork of the upper levels and a view of downtown Cleveland.

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