Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kinzua Viaduct

Kinzua Viaduct Today

Kinzua Viaduct Fall 1990

Waymarks at this state park are for an item of the past. The Kinzua Viaduct was built in 1882. At the time it was the tallest railroad bridge in the world. Ali and I had the thrill of walking across the bridge years ago when it still carried train traffic. From the other side, there was a trail along the gorge to bring you back to the parking area. It was an amazing and thrilling walk from the heady elevation of crossing the viaduct to the wonder of viewing the work of art from below.

Today, you can visit the remains of the bridge and get a true sense of the power of nature. A tornado ripped through the gorge years ago and destroyed the viaduct in a matter of minutes. As you look south from the bridge, you can see the path of destruction left by the tornado.

I wish I knew years ago as much about photography as I do now. Still, these are photos that give a picture of the past in a waymark that can be visited today. The loss of this marvel still makes me sad when I visit. I am so glad I overcame my fear of heights to shoot some of the scarier shots.