Monday, August 23, 2010

Pure Harmless and Satisfying

This ghost sign is from Corry, Pennsylvania. I like ghost signs for the bit of history they show us. This ghost sign is an advertisement for sister tobacco products Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco and Kentucky Club Pipe Tobacco. The slogan Pure Harmless and Satisfying shows how far we have come in our understanding of tobacco products.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little White Church

A friend Waymarked this while visiting from Canada during the ASP Geobash. We were out searching for EMGT caches and stopped by for a visit. The church is very nicely done. While we were there, the lady who lives at the house was out mowing and gave us a very enthusiastic wave. Make certain to sign the guest book while visiting.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Waymark

We had cached Cattaraugus County through the day and just begun our journey home when Ali spotted this Phantom in the American Legion parking lot. My Dad was a big plane and train buff and a little of that has stayed with me. Who could resist a stop for a new Waymark? Usually there is little information to find for planes in the static aircraft display. I was lucky this evening that a member of the Legion stopped by to tell me a bit of the history of this fighter. During Vietnam this fighter flew off the USS Coral Sea. It was hit by ground fire on its last mission. Its pilot Lt. Winston Copeland brought the burning plane back to the ship and kept it in the air long enough for the fire to die off before bringing it back onto the deck of the Coral Sea. I thought it an amazing find for a Memorial Day weekend. The plane and at the photo angle just seems to move.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Garfield Monument - Lakeview Cemetery

The Garfield Monument is a location which is been Waymarked in multiple categories. It is a grave of a famous person and has a statue of Garfield in the main room of the monument, but it is also contains special works of art. It speaks of a different time in Cleveland.

The statue is surrounded by a series of stained glass windows. There is a window for each of the thirteen original states, plus one for Garfield's home state of Ohio.


The three sides of the entrance are decorated with a frieze depicting scenes from President Garfield's life.

President Garfield as a statesman

The Monument and all of Garfield Cemetery is filled with history. The monument is open daily from April until mid-November. There are at least two more categories of Waymarks that haven't been posted (yet). The President's and his wife's caskets can be visited at a crypt below the monument. A walk to the upper levels will give a super view of the artwork of the upper levels and a view of downtown Cleveland.